Thursday, 9 April 2015

SEGA FIX 9900 Multipurpose Adhesive Set (3IN1)

Multipurpose and Fast Adhesive Set  

Greetings from SEGA Head office in Istanbul.

Today, I will try to explain one of SEGA best seller product 9900-three in one multi-purpose fast adhesive; solutions and applications.

For this popular product our motto is ’’Some people look for a beautiful place, and other makes a place beautiful’’ by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Yes, we can do, why need to spent time to wait, act and go!
Let’s start, about SEGA FIX 9900 Multi-purpose Fast Adhesive, which offers you a SUPER strong bond in seconds. It’s non-messy, easy to use, and doesn't require heating.

It has your quick-fix in hand!

This superior formulated product adhesive has three items:
-          One, special formulated cyanoacrylate adhesive,
-          Second, super strong super glue,
-          And the last, fast activator spray.

You can use the three together to create a connection that even Hercules couldn't undo!
How the life is easier with SEGA 9900 three in one?

ü  Immediate solution, for a wooden furniture item needs a quick repair,
ü  Good friend to repair to fix a pair of shoes so you can wear them immediately,
ü  In second bonding broken or chipped a ceramic items,
ü  When you need to make up a picture frame in a few seconds,
ü  You want to build that model or display,
ü  You have loose cable trays or wooden skirting,
ü  You need to repair stripped screws into wood or steel,

There are no difficulties with SEGA FIX 9900 Multipurpose Fast Adhesive Set …

Don‘t forget to try SEGA FIX 9900 FAST ADHESIVE 3 IN 1 – USE THE BEST !!!

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For now Goodbye from SEGA. Keep in touch.

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