Thursday 17 December 2015

Is brake flushing really necessary?

SEGA Brake Fluids DOT 3 / DOT 4 ;  
If you're like most drivers, you don't think about your brakes until they stop working (and hopefully you're not careening down a mountain road when this happens). But, if you're smart, you'll take good care of your brakes. You'll replace the pads and resurface the rotors as needed. Still, when your mechanic recommends that you get your brake system flushed, do you think you should you do it or save the cash?
Do it.
Braking systems aren't indestructible. Parts, like the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate. All the nasty little bits that flake off end up in your brake fluid. Plus, the fluid itself can get old and worn out. Moisture can also get in the system. That leads to rust, which leads to more nasty bits in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised effectiveness and decreased stopping power.
Think of it this way: You wouldn't skip changing your car's engine oil, right? It's the lifeblood of your engine, and when it gets contaminated by impurities, you put the entire engine at risk. It's the same with brake fluid. Let it get dirty and you won't be able to stop as well. So while it may not seem like a big deal when you're standing at the service desk and the mechanic asks if you want him to flush your brakes, but when you're careening down that mountain road, you'll understand why it's an important part of vehicle maintenance.
A good rule of thumb is to have your brakes flushed about every 30,000 miles (48,280 kilometers) or so. Note that brake flushing and bleeding the brakes are two different procedures. Brake flushing involves removing all the brake fluid from the system and getting all-new, clean fluid inside. Brake bleeding just means removing enough brake fluid to get air bubbles out of the brake lines. So, make sure you get your brakes flushed regularly.
And, if you ever notice your car or truck has decreased stopping power, have it inspected by a certified mechanic right away -- even if you're not planning a drive in the mountains.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Continue to offer environment friendly products ...

SEGA® AdBlue is a solution of urea (32.5%) in water (67.5%) and is injected into the exhaust gas stream, where it reacts with NOx to form harmless Nitrogen and water vapor. As an extra advantage, SCR equipped trucks use less fuel thanks to the better engine timing, which is necessary for the SCR system. 

SEGA® AdBlueis kept in a separate tank in the truck and should never be mixed with diesel fuel. Always keep the solution clean from dirt and dust and be aware that it freezes at -11°C, but is usable after thawing.

Cleaner Emissions

SEGA® AdBlue is essential for the cleansing and reduction of harmful emissions and is injected into the exhaust gasses before they enter the atmosphere.  It is stored safely within a separate tank on the vehicle, and is specifically measured and applied by spraying into the exhaust manifold, reacting with the gasses within it, creating the cleansing and catalytic effect. SEGA® AdBlue consumption is typically around 3% – 5% of the diesel consumption for a typical vehicle, dependent of loading weight and other relative factors.

Importance of Handling & Storing SEGA® AdBlue

By upholding and complying with the relevant guidelines, SEGA® AdBlue will perform its role to the highest standards but due to nature of the product it is easy to compromise the overall quality.

Such things include handling and storage to name the most prevalent types of misuse and it is not uncommon for vehicle manufacturers to fail to support warranties if this type of misuse has occurred.

The two most important things to remember when handling and storing SEGA® AdBlue is the storage temperature, which should never fall below -11°C and secondly to prevent any foreign objects from coming into contact with the solution causing contamination.

Providing it is stored correctly and is free from contamination, it is widely accepted that SEGA® AdBluehas a shelf life of 12 months.

To conclude, SEGA® AdBlue is a fundamental resource for many modes of transport and is so important it has been made an essential regulation that requires strict adherence and governance.  It is neither a fuel or a fuel additive, but a high purity urea solution that must be used in a dedicated tank on your vehicle.

SEGA® AdBlue is harmless, non-flammable and non-explosive.  It is classified as a transportable fluid with minimal risk. If you ever spill SEGA® AdBlue on your hands, simply wash them thoroughly with water.

Ready to purchase SEGA® AdBlue ?

If you are ready to order SEGA® AdBlueor if you require any further help and information regarding it, please call SEGA Group and speak to a member of our team on +90212 530 10 44 or alternatively send an email as

Thursday 9 April 2015

SEGA FIX 9900 Multipurpose Adhesive Set (3IN1)

Multipurpose and Fast Adhesive Set  

Greetings from SEGA Head office in Istanbul.

Today, I will try to explain one of SEGA best seller product 9900-three in one multi-purpose fast adhesive; solutions and applications.

For this popular product our motto is ’’Some people look for a beautiful place, and other makes a place beautiful’’ by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Yes, we can do, why need to spent time to wait, act and go!
Let’s start, about SEGA FIX 9900 Multi-purpose Fast Adhesive, which offers you a SUPER strong bond in seconds. It’s non-messy, easy to use, and doesn't require heating.

It has your quick-fix in hand!

This superior formulated product adhesive has three items:
-          One, special formulated cyanoacrylate adhesive,
-          Second, super strong super glue,
-          And the last, fast activator spray.

You can use the three together to create a connection that even Hercules couldn't undo!
How the life is easier with SEGA 9900 three in one?

ü  Immediate solution, for a wooden furniture item needs a quick repair,
ü  Good friend to repair to fix a pair of shoes so you can wear them immediately,
ü  In second bonding broken or chipped a ceramic items,
ü  When you need to make up a picture frame in a few seconds,
ü  You want to build that model or display,
ü  You have loose cable trays or wooden skirting,
ü  You need to repair stripped screws into wood or steel,

There are no difficulties with SEGA FIX 9900 Multipurpose Fast Adhesive Set …

Don‘t forget to try SEGA FIX 9900 FAST ADHESIVE 3 IN 1 – USE THE BEST !!!

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For now Goodbye from SEGA. Keep in touch.